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MATE / YA-5(Matte black)

MATE / YA-5(Matte black)

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This basic MATE YA-5 model is slim, light and made of 3 plates of stainless steel. This item is made of fluorine resin with matt black finishing.
JAPONIKA has had the iron screw on the traditional model replaced by a world-renowned screw made in France, like other first-class models, with personalized modifications. This knife has an outside point to make it easier to penetrate corks.
The One Touch button on the knife is especially practical for opening and closing it with one hand.

Colour : Matt black

Size :
Total length unfolded: 117mm / 4.6inch
Hook : 55mm / 2.2inch
Screw : 55mm / 2.2inch
Knife : 32mm / 1.2inch

Materials :
Sleeve : Stainless (fluorine resin)
Hook : Stainless steel
Screw : Stainless steel (made in France)
Knife : Stainless 420

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MATE / YA-5(Matte black)

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