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Takeda’s Gyuto has a very wide heel to facilitate trimming and cutting large vegetables, and this also makes it practical for mincing and cutting meat.
The heart of the blade is in aogami super, one of the best alloys with very high carbon content. It has the advantage of easily taking on an incredibly sharp, durable edge thanks to the large proportion of carbon.
The knives in the “NAS” series have a new stainless steel coating and have undergone additional processing that it took Takeda San three years of research to perfect. The new blades are thus just as hard, but thinner and stronger.
With respect to aesthetics, the blade has a rough, uniformly black finish, known as “kuro-uchi.” As always, it is engraved with the initials AS for “aogami super” as well as the Takeda heart.
The edge of the blade is sharpened 50/50, and can be used by both left- and right-handers.
The handle is in octagonal rosewood for a good grip, with a guard in pakka wood. The tang is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and resin has been applied at the joint to prevent humidity from penetrating.

*Weight : 176g / 6.21oz
*Blade length : 240mm / 9.45inch
*Heel width : 380mm / 14.96inch

All of these dimensions can vary depending on the knife, since each one is entirely handmade without a template.

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