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HINOURA Nakiri Kurouchi 165mm

HINOURA Nakiri Kurouchi 165mm

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This 165-mm (6.5-inch) nakiri in shirogami steel belongs to Hinoura’s new Ajigataya line.
These knives are Hinoura’s most sober, simple creations.
The blade was forged from resilient, hard traditional shirogami steel for a professional edge.
This nakiri’s smooth rustic forge aesthetic, known as “kurouchi”, slows oxidation down over time.
The round handle is made from humidity-resistant magnolia wood, and the fit with the black buffalo horn ferrule is perfect.
The shape of this nakiri is different from usual: it is in the “kengata” (sabre) style.
This has transformed the blade normally used for cutting vegetables into a multi-purpose knife that can also be used for meat, fish and fruit.
This blade is an excellent multipurpose kitchen tool that is easy to sharpen using water stones, easy to use, and extremely sharp.
The kengata shape delivers the advantages of a santoku knife with the rustic shape of a sabre.

*Weight : 179g / 6.31oz
*Blade length : 165mm / 6.50inch
*Total length : 315mm / 12.40inch

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HINOURA Nakiri Kurouchi 165mm

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