Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

Higonokami (Nagao) 100 mm/3.9 in. Long. brass handle.

Higonokami (Nagao) 100 mm/3.9 in. Long. brass handle.

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Folding knife, polished brass handle, blade in aogami No. 2.
Aogami No. 2 is more difficult to sharpen than shirogami No. 2 and retains a sharp edge.
It is used in high-end cutlery.
With use, the brass on the handle may corrode.
Motosuke Nagao took over the production of this hironokami, which was stopped for some time.
This is why the name of the fourth master blacksmith, Motosuke Nagao, is engraved on the back of the handle.
*Weight : 63 g/2.2 oz.
*Blade length : 80 mm/3.15 in.
*Total length : 175 mm/6.9 in.
*Blade thickness : approximately 3.8 mm/ 1/12 in.
*Handle length : (100 mm)/3.9 in.
Use : bamboo, household, crafts, outdoor.
Maintenance : After use, clean well and wipe the blade with a cloth dampened with camelia or preservation oil, and keep away from humidity.
*Note 1 : The dimensions indicated between parentheses are those provided by the manufacturer.
*Note 2 : The size of the blade depends on the forging and hand finishing. Each knife is slightly different.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Higonokami (Nagao) 100 mm/3.9 in. Long. brass handle.

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