Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

Shopping Guide

To place an order

To place an order with Japonika Hamono, you need to create an account. You can do so free of charge. In order to make purchases on Japonika Hamono, your browser has to accept cookies. Next, on the "more information" page of the items that you wish to order, select the quantity, and click on "add to cart." When you have finished choosing items, click on "go to checkout," and follow the instructions!

Payment methods

PayPal allows you to pay with most bank and credit cards. If you choose this payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal website, and after having entered your information and confirmed, the payment will be made. You will not be required to create a PayPal account. However, creating a PayPal account will make it very easy for you to pay for future purchases on Japonika Hamono and other commercial sites offering this payment method.

Credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD only)
By choosing this payment method, you will be able to pay for your purchases very simply, without leaving our site.
This option is available only for Visa or Mastercard..

Shipping methods

For deliveries outside of Japan, Japonika Hamono offers three shipping methods: EMS, SAL, international ePacket..
1. EMS (Express Mail Service). With it, your shipment is insured and can be tracked thanks to a tracking number, which we will send you after your package has been sent. Unless there is a problem, packages are delivered in most countries around the world within 3 to 6 days after they are sent..

2. With SAL(Surface Air Lifted), packages are also insured and given tracking numbers..
Packages are generally delivered 7 to 30 days after they are sent. 7 to 30 days after they are sent. .

3. International ePacket : This has the same weight restrictions (up to 2 kilos) as a SAL Small Packet, but it has the advantage of beingless expensive than EMS while still being sent airmail, which is faster than the SAL. Moreover, in some countries tracking is available. The package is insured for a maximum value of 55 Euros / US $65 (approximate value subject to change depending on exchange rate fluctuations).

Deliveries within Japan shall be by Yamato Transport.

We do our best to send your package by EMS, SAL or Yamato Transport within 3 working daysafter we have received your order. Thank you for your understanding.
In all cases, you will be informed by email when your package is sent.


Once your order has been confirmed, it is impossible to cancel it.

Return policy for shipments by EMS, SAL and Yamato (only)

If, upon reception, you find that the contents of your order are damaged, you must first obtain an acknowledgement of damage from the delivery service. We strongly recommend that you always check the contents of the package as soon as it arrives, in the presence of the delivery person.. Next, please contact us within 3 days of reception of the package (the delivery date is indicated on the Japan Post and can be found thanks to the package's tracking number), and send the item or items back to us within 7 days. We will replace the item or items in question, and reimburse you for the return shipping costs. (You must send the damaged item or items back wrapped as carefully as when they were sent to you.)

Customs duties and charges

No matter which shipping method is used, when items are shipped across national borders, customs duties, import charges and local taxes may apply, depending on the country.

Given the different laws from one country to the next, every case is a special case. Thus, the amount that you pay when your order is taken does not include these kinds of additional costs, which may apply.

You are responsible for paying the additional costs if required by the laws of your country.

Japonika Hamono thus cannot take any responsibility for this. It should also be noted that we of course declare the real value of every shipment.


While we do not update our exchange rates regularly, since we wish to keep our prices stable, we nonetheless reserve the right to change our prices at any time without prior notice.


If you have any questions, please contact us at :