Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

About Japonika Hamono

Our story

"Japonika Hamono" is the story of three Frenchmen and a Japanese friend who met and immediately found they had the right chemistry: a team was formed.
They get together in Tokyo and Osaka, where they enthusiastically discuss Japan and traditional cutlery. They travel thousands of kilometres throughout Japan to visit their blacksmith friends, from Sanjo, in the north-west of Japan to the island of Okinawa, located between Taiwan and the south-west tip of the large island of Kyushu. Their knowledge of Japan is perfect, having lived there for many years – over two decades – and they admire Japanese complexity and refinement.
One of them, the first Frenchman to complete his apprenticeship with a great Japanese master, Sasuke, the sixth generation of a family of blacksmiths, is famous among blade specialist circles, and many articles have been published about him in the Japanese media. In conclusion, this is the story of passion, skill and a circle of blacksmith friends who provide Japonika Hamono with exceptional knives.

Why this site?

The purpose of this site is to share with you the team's passion for Japanese cutlery in all its diversity, while discovering the cultural wealth of the country.
Our products are made exclusively in Japan, and are shipped from Japan everywhere in the world. We offer a complete spectrum of the knives on the Japanese market.

Our knives

We work directly with the blacksmiths, and we are therefore able to fulfil any special request you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us to broaden your knowledge or have a unique blade made according to your specifications.

Our company

Made up of French and Japanese enthusiasts, it reflects the complexity and strict standards required to rise to the highest level. Japonika Hamano is governed by Japanese laws, and registered at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce in western Japan.