Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

The media

• Worldwide

Since 2012 , Eric Chevallier has been followed by the great photographer and instructor from New York, Adam Marelli, who comes to Japan every year with his students to immortalize unique aspects of this apprentice blacksmith's life.

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• The Japanese press

Since he is the first and only French apprentice blacksmith in a traditional cutlery workshop, Eric Chevallier intrigues the Japanese press, which publishes texts on him every month, concerning both cutlery from Sakai and his opinions on Japan and France.

• Japanese TV

Various national and local television stations regularly broadcast documentaries on Eric Chevallier, as well as interviews on his vision of Japan and current events.

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• Awards and honours

Eric Chevallier has also been honoured regularly by the Mayor of Sakai for services rendered to the city.

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• French media

In 2015 , the newspaper for expatriates, "," associated with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, awarded Eric Chevallier the "Espoir des français de l'étranger" trophy at a ceremony at Quai d'Orsay. Since then considered a "bridge between France and Japan," there has been an ongoing succession of visits by members of the French media to interview our specialist about his life at the heart of Japanese tradition.

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