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Hinoura Ryusuitobimon kijyoto

Hinoura Ryusuitobimon kijyoto

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Tsukasa Hinoura belongs to the third generation of master blacksmiths in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture.
This knife was originally used for shaving chips of fragrant wood. It was therefore not meant to be used outside, but in the workshop.
It is a magnificent work, forged by the master himself, in No. 2 shirogami layered steel.
He uses an original, unique technique to bring out the special qualities of layered steel. To our knowledge, he alone is able to produce the original motifs decorating the blade. As the photos show, the motifs evoke a very long watercourse, which is different from the usual regular motifs produced with standard layered steel.
This magnificent work reflects all of the unique, secret skills that Mr. Hinoura has honed throughout his long career. His hand-forging technique results very fine, extraordinary products and has made him an exceptional artist. His pieces are unique, rare and very difficult to obtain.
When the kurounchi brut de forge technique is employed, the smooth blade is not coloured after finishing, but is covered by a film that protects it from oxidation. This kind of blade resists oxidation longer than a blade that has merely been polished.
The handle is covered with very rare white stingray leather, around which cotton cords have been rolled for a better grip.
This is an exceptional knife of rare beauty made from noble materials, and Mr. Hinoura has deployed all of his know-how in its making.

*Weight : 129g / 4.55oz
*Blade length : 65mm / 2.56inch
*Total length : 155mm / 6.10inch

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Hinoura Ryusuitobimon kijyoto

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