Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

TANAKA WaNakiri 165mm suminagashi aoko

TANAKA WaNakiri 165mm suminagashi aoko

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The sharpening bevel of 50/50 and slightly curved edge make it easy to chop on a board.
The blade is in suminagashi with a core in aogami 2, a non-stainless carbon steel.
It is harder than shirogami because it also contains chrome and tungsten, which also strengthens its resistance to wear.
The blade is hand-engraved by Tanaka San: more proof of the artisanal design of his blades.
The traditional-style handle is in honoki and real buffalo horn.
Beware: this blade can rust, so it must be well washed and dried after use.

*Weight : 138g / 4.87oz
*Blade length : 165mm / 6.50inch
*Total length : 305mm / 12.01inch

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TANAKA WaNakiri 165mm suminagashi aoko

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