Traditional kitchen knives hand-forged by the greatest Japanese masters

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2017.03.14 :
3 New Knives 「Tanaka Kazuyuki Hamono Seisakusho」 New
2017.02.20 :
7 New Knives 「Tanaka Kazuyuki Hamono Seisakusho」and「New Cutting Boards」
2017.01.22 :
5 New Knives 「Kurosaki Uchi Hamono」
2016.12.15 :
7 New Knives 「Tanaka Kazuyuki Hamono Seisakusho」
2016.11.22 :
3 New exceptionnal blades 「Saji」

2017.03.13 :
New video on line「Master of Takefu forges Takeshi Saji」 New
2017.03.06 :
「L’IMPORTANCE DE L’OUTIL」New article on the blog (in french) New
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  • A wide selection of high-quality Japanese accessories from all across Japan. From stainless steel to traditional blades, from sharpening stones to truly exceptional pieces. We offer you the best in Japanese cutlery.

Okayama Niimi Hyogo Miki Niigata niigata&Sanjyo Gifu Seki Osaka Sakai Fukui Takefu(Echizen)
鋼 Carbon steel
ステンレス Stainless steel
GINSANKO VG10 VG1(RC60) AUS10 UX10 MBS26 19C27
合金 Powder or sintered steel and HSS
Gyuto 牛刀 Santoku(Bunka) 三徳(文化包丁) Petty naifu ペティ Sujihiki 筋引き Yanagiba (Sashimi) 柳刃(刺身包丁) Nakiri 菜切り Deba 出刃 Usuba  薄刃 Honesuki 骨透き Chukabocho 中華包丁 Other knives その他の包丁 Sets セット Higonokami 肥後守 folding knives 折りたたみナイフ Daggers and fixed blades ダガーナイフ Knives for sommeliers ソムリエナイフ florists フローリストナイフ empty box
WaSantoku WaGyuto WaNakiri
TAKEDA HAMONO Miwa Knifes Factory FUJITAKE COMPANY TAKBLADE MISONO OUTLERY FUJITA MARUNOKO INDUSTRY MATE WAITER'S KNIFE Tanaka kazuyuki Knives Factory Nagao kanekoma Manufacturing MISUZU HAMONO YAUCHI HAMONO BABA CUTLERY WORKS SAJI UCHI HAMONO KUROSAKI UCHI HAMONO empty box empty box empty box empty box empty box empty box empty box
BLOG Eric and Arnaud

Further details on our knives, profiles of our artisans and reports on blade-making regions are available on our Japanese knife specialists' blog, written by Arnaud, chef in France and fan of Japanese knives, and Eric, blacksmith in Japan.

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